The Bricklayer

John Crouch is a Michigan based photographer capturing evolving urban landscapes and experiences around the country. Using emerging digital technologies John is able to craft images that evoke a sense of place and being. The urban environment of the 21st century is a complex mix of contradictory and opposing forces.  It can be loud or silent, busy or empty, light or dark, dense and spacious, new or old, or several of these all at once. Only by peeling away the extraneous elements can the fundamental aspects begin to emerge.

Before photography John trained as a structural engineer and began his career working in commercial construction in Chicago. These experiences taught John to see the world as more connected, structured, and integrated. In the urban environment he sees order emerging from chaos and champions that synthesis through his imagery. 

John’s award winning work has appeared in numerous periodicals and advertising campaigns worldwide including Fortune, Neon, Bloomberg, Time, the Chicago Reader, Time Out Chicago, Nature, Audi, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Huffington Post, BBC, Conde Nast Traveler and more.